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Friday, June 21, 2013

Update. I am calm.

Turns out, as always, there is more to the story. LOL. There's a shock to a POA right?

After the arrest 5 years ago for passed out in weeds, there were several other occasions when I wondered seriously what was wrong with Calamity.

Some of you may remember the pool party which she showed up late for, was acting stoned out of her head, stumbled around and ended up in the house praying to the porcelain goddess. I was FURIOUS at that incident...

And there were more. She would stumble, she would slur. She always headed for my wine when she came over. That in itself wasn't weird, so does the oldest daughter. My husband has occasional beer, my son drinks. We don't suffer from alcoholism in our family, drink responsibly and don't drink and drive.

Now, in retrospect, I should have been warned off, Calamity was never a drinker...

Tall Man (bf) who has been in love with Calamity through one husband and one relationship, and 3 kids to others, is still hanging in there, covering for her. He is also on methadone and was a junkie with her. He was the one that brought Heroin to hospital one hour after 1/2 Pint was born.

Speaking that I think of it, this DOES make sense. Remember when 1/2 Pint was diagnosed as Fetal  Alcohol Syndrome and I thought the psychiatrist was crazy? Guess he wasn't. 1/4 Pint is most likely also FAS. I think this has been going on for at least 10 years or more. Shitballs.

I cannot get a straight answer out of him. I called bullshit on most of what he was TRYING to tell me. He did finally admit that she was mandated for alcohol. I asked (and was not answered last night), knowing as much as we know about programs, they don't mandate a 30 inpatient rehab for a “few” dirty tests.....not when you have been a patient there for 7 flipping years?

No answer. I came right out in a text. Said is my daughter full blown alcoholic? No answer.

Asked if her isolation (they live half hour away in very small farming community full of drugs and one bar and one liquor store) and they have one car and she is stuck at home most of the time with a 6 year old, or alone when 6 year old is at school. Anyway, asked if the isolation could have contributed to her drinking. He did answer that with a yes.

I told him that for the girls, we would do what we can to support her sobriety, and that moving closer would benefit that. We have about 2 meetings per day in our little town LOL. Go figure.

That was about all the confirmation I could get.

He is not bringing ¼ Pint over as scheduled. Made a bunch of flaky excuses. Supposedly now bringing her over sunday.

I let Pint read all the texts, unedited. She just kind of shook her head and went downstairs.

I told her I wrote Dr. Phil. I did. I said maybe it's time we took this shit out of the closet. Every program tells the addicts story. No one has EVER told our story. She agreed.

And that's the latest update. Really know nothing more than she was mandated for alcohol or get kicked out of methadone program. We know she pulled dirty tests. Don't know how many, but he did tell me a 'few'. Probably more like 30. Sigh.

Found a Family Meeting Monday night at 7:30. I will go. I will offer to take Pint and ½ Pint with me. They will probably not go. That's okay too.


  1. You go girl...tell your story.

    1. Pint keeps asking me, did Dr. Phil contact you yet? How sad is that?