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Monday, September 27, 2010

How to tell you have a pre-teen 11 year old girl in the house


1. She lost her cell phone for one week, whining excessively for no absolute reason.
2. She lost the house phone till tomorrow, for calling me DUDE !!! and then saying WHATEVER when I told her I am NOT a DUDE...I am your grandmother and you will speak to me with respect.
3. She lost her laptop till tomorrow, when I told her to simply be quiet and finish what she had to do. Be quiet means STOP MUMBLING AT ME UNDER YOUR BREATH AND STOP TALKING.
4. She got grounded from friends coming over or going to friends house after school because she continued with number 3.
5. As she was walking away, she lost her MP3 player till tomorrow, as she CONTINUED TO MUMBLE AT ME WHATEVER, DUDE......

:::::rolling my eyes::::::::


  1. doesn't this seem like a rerun? LOL

    take a breath..

    you are loved

    Brother Frankie

  2. It's always friggin' something!

    Hang in there, if you had a choice..!!!

  3. You have way more strength than I have! The real difference between when I was that age and the pre-teens now is that we simply did not have as much stuff for our parents to take away! I remember being grounded to my room, but it didn't help much because I loved to read and all my books were in there! LOL It would make my mom crazy.

    Take care and hang in there! :)

  4. OH WOW! And this is just the beginning of those lovely hormonal girl years. You are doing her a great service by giving her consequences (she will thank you when she's 30). Keep up the great work, dude!

    (sorry I could not resist)

  5. ROFLMAO. Thank you to all of you for the responses LOL.

    DUDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. My daughter is on the verge of turning 17 and bless her heart, try as she might, she just can't seem to NOT refer to me as DUDE...LOL!!! My husband (her step-dad) is forever saying, "Don't Dude your mom", to which she is forever replying "OH! yea, sorry, I forgot." If this is the worst she does I am truly blessed!

  7. Thanking God for my little boys right now. I am sure they will have their times in the teen/preteen years, but from what I hear - it's not the same as girls ; )
    Keep up the discipline - she will thank you later!

  8. What does it say when I read this and my heart swells missing the good ole days????
    That being said, hang in there! I also read this and see where you are going SO RIGHT :) Giving her consequences and enforcing them. I admire your strength that obviously comes from your caring about her future.
    God bless.

  9. Makes me appreciate the relative ease of going through the terrible twos again!


  10. I have one of those! Only my 11 year old's favorite saying after I say no is "You know...(dramatic pause) Nobody likes you"...followed by (huffy breath).

    I am considering pickling her up early from school one day just so I can ask her how her constipation problem is coming along in front of all her friends. I am thinking that should go over big. LOL

  11. @madyson007 LOL. I would say...."it's not my job to be LIKED by you It's my job to raise you. Get over it." ROFL