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Monday, June 24, 2013

Why does this all make us to TIRED?

kept up all night by DH watching movies. I can sleep with TV on, doesn't bother me. however, having a LIGHT on wakes me up immediately. So he would wait till I fell asleep and turn the light on, which would wake me up. I would toss and turn and glare, and the light would go off, (not the TV) and I would go right back to sleep, then he would want a cig and turn the light on, which woke me right back up....lather, rinse, repeat...


got up this morning to Nursey at 6:30 when I had JUST finally gotten to sleep calling to say unlock the door, my shower is broke. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa

I said where are your keys? on her other keyring. Thanks. yah.

Then when I finally awake AGAIN at 8:30, the toilet isn't filling right. Down I go to see if sewer is backed up AGAIN. No. It's not. Good. But toilet still isn't filling very fast. Now, it does work....which is a good thing in a house with 8 ppl.  

medicate everyone in family on meds. have first panic attack.

friend calls. 2nd panic attack.

clean kitchen. 3rd panic attack. I have been up one and half freakin hours.

Calamity update. I am tired of being lied to. It is a 90 day rehab in a posh place where she can have the 6 year old with her.....

I just don't care anymore. Girls are pissed that she lied. Good.

Nursey just texted. her Silent Bob, the bobtail maine coon cat she got from me has agressive bone cancer. Vet wants to put her down, Nursey can't handle it.  I said take her home and let her die naturally at home. Get pain meds. Dr. Vet told her to give one baby aspirin a day. like that will help with pain? really?

Said it's a matter of days,  not weeks or months.

Nursey wants me to go babysit 5 cats at her house so silent bob isn't alone.

4th panic attack.

pool water is green again. 3rd shock. still green.

DH has bad infection in foot that was amputated last year.

just ready to give up.

glad there is a meeting tonight. boy do I need it.


  1. You just have too much to deal with duh like you don't know that. Is she in rehab for alcohol or drugs? Why did she lie? I think I missed a post or two.

  2. Tori. Not really sure? BF has been covering for her for so long. I think its alcohol. And I did find out its a 90 day program. Other than that....I dont know

  3. Seems like many that use H go to alcohol. I hope this rehab helps her for her children's sake and of course yours.

  4. I just found an empty bottle of Vodka under my couch??? I always thought alcohol wasn't really J's thing maybe for an addict alcohol is a close second if their choice isn't available.

    1. I never really thought of alcohol either? Turns out...heroin withdrawal can't kill you...just makes you feel like you are dying. Alcohol withdrawal can actually kill you. I guess, since its legal and not heroin, we are just relieved when they don't shoot up? I still do not have full story, and daughter is avoiding me and my questions like the plague. I will see her tomorrow at 1/8 Pint's Baptism. I guess I will see.

  5. Have fun at the baptism! She will be a beautiful baby...she is just so dang cute!