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Friday, March 8, 2013

waiting for spring!

Just thought I would open today with a pic of my newest granddaughter, child of Baby!  She will be 13 weeks old on Sunday.  She has now passed all of the chromosome testing and is perfectly normal. Baby had to be on some pretty gnarly meds throughout the entire pregnancy, and there were MANY complications, including a C-Section.  They thought 1/8 Pint  had Down's Syndrome (we didn't) and so we had to subject her to all sorts of nastiness to prove the idiot doctors wrong....

So, very glad THAT is all over now LOL.  Now we can just enjoy having a  baby in the house. Our dining room is now 1/8 Pint's bedroom. It's a bit awkward, but she sleeps well and sleeps through all 4 dogs barking whenever someone walks in, sleeps through 1 teenage girl and 2 pre-teens arguing, doing homework etc. Sleeps through me doing cleaning etc, She is a wonderful baby, so even tempered and good. Slept all the way through the night, 10 hours last night!! Whooop Whoooop. No more night feedings!!

She has rolled over, blows raspberries, coo's and is generally very social. We love her!

Everyone should have some 'baby head' to smell!!  Have a great weekend.,


  1. What a sweet smile! The kids keep you young! Love this little baby!