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Monday, February 14, 2011

Weird Heroin Moments thru the years

1. First admitting. Sitting on the loveseat, pregnant, admitting she was hooked on Oxycontin's. We didn't know anything at all. She promised she had quit, enrolled in an outpatient rehab.

2. She didn't quit and they didn't test babies then. She snorted an Oxy when 1/2 Pint was less than 1 hour old. As soon as she got cleaned up from the birth, and the doctors and nurse's left the room. We didn't know that too. Found out a bit later. That's when I took 1/2 Pint.

3. Throwing my checkbook at her and telling her to take it all, she had EVERYTHING else we had, the day she asked me to take all of her Christmas presents back and give her the money so she could buy presents for the kids. (I didn't). She said she had $400 but had lost it. Turns out she had $400 worth of Oxycontin's in her lap in the car, but was so stoned, when she got out, they dropped in the street and she was out at 3 am looking for them. She didn't find them and owed someone money because they were fronted to her.

4. Me gardening in the front yard at 2 a.m. by flashlight. The Chief of Police stopping by to see what I was doing.....and understanding!

5. The entire SWAT team in the street in front of our house, but only the Sheriff and Chief Deputy, one at the front door and one at the back, to arrest my son in law for dealing.  Out of respect for us, we all knew each other well, it was polite and calm.  The other 33 people they arrested that day got the full SWAT treatment, including busting down of doors, one girl they took down at her little brother's baseball game, she was 3 months pregnant, they had her down in the dirt in front of everyone, with a submachine gun pointed at her head.

6. Spending $50,000 to bail my idiot son in law out of jail because my daughter (very high risk pregnancy) was due in less than a week and was hysterical and wouldn't eat, sleep or do anything. (Later to find out she could still shoot up....)

7. Having people in my house that she told us were friends. Later to find out they were some of the biggest and most wanted drug dealers in our area.

8. Missing spoons and blaming it on my 8 year old who liked to dig in the garden.

9. Missing money and thinking it was because I was getting older and forgetful. I had always known to within a dollar or so what was in my wallet. All of a sudden, I would think I had a couple hundred, only to find I had $20.

10. Then coming home from Walmart with all this BIG stuff. Wondering how they bought it. Showing up with brand new things that they had bought from a 'friend'.  Turns out the scam was they would steal it, then return it to walmart, get a store credit on a walmart gift card, then sell the gift card at 50 cents on the dollar. Glad I never bought any. I knew something wasn't right.

11. All the screens cut. (so dealer could slip dope through window when she was locked in her room.)

Bad memories. Think this blog is ended.


  1. I now the feeling, change the story a little hear and there and it could be any of our addicted children.

  2. Dad's right. We all have those memories. They are so foreign to our lives that its hard not to mull them over and try to figure them out. I had a counselor tell me that is what PSTD is...when you go back to a traumatic event over and over again replaying it in your mind. I can see this one cop's face in my mind as he stood at my door with his semi-automatic rifle in his hands, at 4 am telling me there had been a stabbing and my daughter was "kidnapped." Yeah...those crazy surreal experiences don't leave us.

    If it were me, I would go hold little half-pint for a good snuggle. ((HUG)) Dawn

  3. I used to say that we should have kept a log,...but then again, why would we want to go back and read it ? I'm sorry you lived through those moments,...they sound awful,...and I understand what bad memories they are. :( The snuggle sounds like a good idea.

    I did exactly what you did for awhile, about the money.....I thought to myself,...boy, I really am getting so scatter brained. I really need to keep track of my money. Ugh.

  4. Right on Dawn.

    I especially liked the one about gardening at 2am. The night we got the first 3am phone call from the police, I came home and mulched the entire side yard. Digging in the dirt has always been my way of stress relief. My perennial gardens are the envy of the local garden club. LOL

    We are on our way to pick up our son in Miami and bring him back to my father's where we are visiting. Before we leave to get him we are making sure check books, pills, etc are all locked up. He's been clean three years but it will take longer than that for us to trust him again.

    Lessons hard learned. I'm not about to drop my guard now.

  5. Yep. Change the story here and there and it would be mine. Brand new windows and screens - no more screens so he could sneak out or sneak people in who knows. Money always missing - me trying to figure out where I put it. Debit card missing then miraculously reappearing. Wasn't until he completely wiped my bank account out in November did I realize I wasn't a nut. Oh yes, my entire inside of the house was painted by me at all hours of the night. I painted it right after I had hired someone to do it, just to do it. The more I hear these stories through the blog and this therapy at the rehab I realize addicts are pretty much the same.

  6. A lot of this is familiar, Dawn. It's 'wise-up' info for parents who are further back, behind us, on the same road. I haven't checked in with you for months, because I didn't know you were blogging again. Are you officially back?