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Monday, February 7, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes-Turn and face the strange Ch Ch Changes

Well, hello there! This blog started out about ME, MY story of dealing with an addict daughter and the way it impacted MY life, MY family.

My daughter has played a less and less role in the blog as the years passed.

Now, it's mostly about raising the children of a heroin addict. The physical changes they have gone (are going) through. The medical issues they face by virtue of their mother's choice to use heroin and other drugs while pregnant with them.

I am returning to the present, and this blog will be about the family. The things the kids go through. The behaviors they have.

We will have parts of the addiction, let's face it, we cannot really get away from that aspect of the situation.

But I am no longer in anguish over her addiction. It is HER addiction, not mine. There may be the occasional tidbit of stuff about how her addiction, recovery or use of methadone impacts the family, but primarily, the blog is now about survival of having a child as an addict. What we do on a daily basis, how the kids are, what we do to minimize the fallout.

Which, is what I started the blog to do.

Peace be with you!!

Also, I am not private anymore, at least until I get a stalker again LOL.

ADDITIONALLY - if any of you out there in cyber land are ALSO raising grandchildren (nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers) who are the children of an addict parent - please let me know so I can link to your blogs!!! There are just SO MANY of us out there now. We have a VOICE and we need to start USING IT !!!! Heck, even the AARP has a division dedicated SOLELY to us. Can you believe that?


  1. Hi Dawn, I was glad to see your name pop up. I think the further we go on this journey the more important it becomes to keep the focus on ourselves. Good for you...although you have always been pretty good at that and encouraging others to do it too. :o) Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  2. I am, and continue to be, in awe of your strength.

  3. Interesting that AARP has that - boy, that says a lot.

    I'm just glad you're still here and will keep reading not matter what you write about! I admire you for being a parent to your granddaughters.

  4. im going to post your request on my blog...all the best..

  5. I understand there are 8 million children in the USA being raised by their grandparents.

    My husband and I are raising three of them. I am 62, he is 70 and the kids are 2,4 and 6.

    Actually, Dawn, it was you who encouraged me to get guardianship of them. We've had them now for almost a year and 1/2. DD (bio mom) is heroin addict, recently walked away from court ordered rehab and now has warrant out for her arrest. Bio dad is "recovering" addict who hopes to file for custody this summer.

    I'm so glad you're blogging about parenting grandkids. I love your insight. I love your "take-no-captives" attitude.

    While we still see our DD because of the kids, we have no other contact with her. And as for her addiction, frankly we just don't care anymore. It's her problem. Our focus is the kids.

    I'm your #1 fan! I'll be checking in everyday.

  6. @yaya -What you said exactly LOL. Once the kids came into the 'mix', my loyalties were 1000% for them, no longer for (my daughter) the mom. And I'm glad you have the kids now ;) its hard, tiring and wait till they hit the tweens!! Sigh. Mine is 11 1/2 this month, and i may just kill her before she reaches 12.

    You would think, with 8 million of us out there, there would be a support group or something? but no. we are all too freakin busy raising babies and trying to keep up to bother starting one. And that ONLY makes sense in our worlds. Stranger than fact.